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Gain instant access to this PROVEN weight loss protocol that has transformed thousands of lives. This is "functional" weight loss at its finest. We don't guess...we TEST!
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  • Food Sensitivity Testing (400 Foods), Nutrient Deficiency Testing (50 Nutrients), Heavy Metal Testing (50 Metals) etc.
  • Instant Access To The Keto 30 Guidebook (85 Pages)
  • Immediate Access To Member's Area For Training Tutorials / Lab Videos etc.
Please Note: You'll receive your test kit within 2-3 working days. You'll perform the collection (at home) and from there send it in (envelope & stamp provided). You'll receive the lab findings in 10-12 working days. 
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What's Included...
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (400 Foods Tested In Total)! You'll receive a multi page report (PDF) from our lab showing exactly which foods you're sensitive / intolerant to. You'll know what foods are harming your digestive system & ultimately spiking inflammation in your body. 
  • ​​Nutrient / Vitamin Deficiency Testing! We test 50 nutrients so you know where you're deficient / depleted. The lab will give you FOOD recommendations based on your deficiencies. You can either eat more of those foods or supplement. 
  • ​​325 Non-Foods Tested. These are environmental culprits that may be impacting your health and inability to lose weight. 
  • ​​50 Heavy Metals Tested. Heavy metals have been shown to negatively impact a person's health which is why we test. 
You'll Also Receive:
  • ​A Digital Version Of The Keto 30 Guidebook. 85 Pages that will transform your health! This will be available immediately upon checkout!
  • ​​Master Food List / Shopping List. Based on your lab findings, you'll cross off the harmful culprits your body is sensitive to and be left with a customized shopping list based on YOUR lab work. It works amazing! 
  • 50 TOXINS (PDF) To Remove From Your Kitchen Immediately. Your body hangs on to fat as a BUFFER against harmful toxins. You'll get this list and take it to your kitchen / pantry and start watching your labels for these dangerous culprits. 
  • 75 HIDDEN Sugar Names. They put sugar in EVERYTHING, however, with different names! These "culprits" will hinder your weight loss goals!
  • ​​Intermittent Fasting. You'll learn my favorite way to intermittent fast which is super easy. This will help reduce inflammation, give the digestive system a break, and help normalize hormones / help with insulin resistance etc. It's very comfortable and provides amazing benefits. 
  • ​​Exercise Strategies. You'll learn movement / exercise strategies that burn fat FAST in a very short period of time. No long hours at the gym required. Do you HAVE to exercise to lose weight with this method? No! But it's only going to speed up the process! 
  • ​Journal. You'll receive a tracking journal so you can track your foods / meals, results, body comp, supplements, water intake etc. What gets measured gets mastered. It's important to track. 
  • Members Area. Upon checkout you'll have access to a members area. This will have training videos (mainly lab based) that will help you interpret your lab findings / results once you receive them. There will be an FAQ section. You'll have immediate access to the procedure manual / food lists / toxins to avoid / journal etc. 
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* DISCLAIMER: Some weight loss results featured in this system are not typical. The average person can expect to lose 3-5 pounds weekly following the Keto 30 system but there is no guarantee any weight loss will occur. Results vary based on several factors, including age, food eaten, water consumed, etc.

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